Voices in My Head by Susan Solomon

Mystery of the Carousel
Tom Ryan has learned WWI—the Great War—isn’t the glorious enterprise he and his friends dreamed of as children, when they rode off to battle on carousel horses.

Maggie’s End
In 1804, 13 year-old Maggie Forrest, hears the clatter of the in Osgood Gaol’s yard. What brought her to this place? Yes, there was the trial… and what led to it.

Thieves Game
Golf is an honorable game; on the course players don’t take what isn’t theirs. Does this principle apply off the course?

Witches Gumbo
Superstition flows in Bayou LaFit. A gumbo of good luck, bad fortune, and hexes fill Maudie Remillard’s world. She knows the old ways, and the price of misusing them.
Captive Soul
A ghost has haunted Emily since she was 10. Is it to blame for what happens to her husband?
The Holmes Society
In forgetfulness, the mind protects itself. 15 years ago Judith James witnessed the murder of her parents. Tonight while writing a mystery with friends, the memories will creep back.
Niagara Falling
Years and divorces ago, Richard Morrow left the girl down the block, and found business success. When they meet again, he faces a burning question: would he have found happiness had he stayed?

Second Hand
Research teaches a writer all manner of things. Some are easy to misuse.

Understanding takes time. As Susan recalls her mother’s death in the Jewish traditions of Shiva and saying Kaddish, she begins to learn who she is and where she comes from.


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