Time for Justice by Susan C. Muller

Attorney Tom Meyers and his investigator, Fiona Drake, are good at digging up the truth.
Now they’re entangled in two long forgotten cases that will test them at every turn and make them wonder if some secrets aren’t meant to stay buried.

To solve one, they must pry information from an uncooperative death row inmate before he makes that last long walk and takes his secrets with him. The other case is more personal to Tom as it involves a plea from his dying mother to find her missing daughter, kidnapped thirty-five years ago. But discovering the answer means opening a Pandora’s box into his past and risking his last chance to mend a fractured family relationship.

As the cold cases heat up, and more information comes to light, Tom and Fiona find themselves caught in someone’s crosshairs. But who wants them dead? Is it the cagy killer, the child abductor, or a new player yet to be revealed?
Can Tom and Fiona uncover the answers after so many years, or will the killers find them first?


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