Those Golden Days by Michael J Manley


In the true story Those Golden Days, a ten-year-old kid living in South Central Los Angeles grows up in a secluded and poverty-ridden area of The Hood, where gangs, dope, and dope dealers dwell on the streets.


To make a bad situation into a good situation, and to gain experience, the street kids of One Hundred and First, and Vermont and Century, reinvented the wheel to make the best life that could ever be imagined.


With friends like Donald R. Golden, who went beyond the barriers of The Hood to seek out new horizons, the author’s fifty-five-year friendship is to this day still filled with adventures and challenges. From when the two kids first meet at the age of ten, and on into their seventies, these lifelong friends are still “Living the Dream” in California.


Growing up in the inner city in the 1960s was not easy. Michael J. Manley calls himself happy to have survived all those years of “living large,” and knowing that he and Donald are Best Friends forever.


Author Bio – This marks the tenth book by retired psychologist Michael J. Manley. His other novels are Parlay; The Emeritus: Who Will Rule?; The Tides of Time; Games of the God’s; The Uber-Groover; Shadow; Caderea; Killer Kids; The Perfect Pandemic; and Dream Merchant.


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