Portersville by Daryl Haskew


After a summer of record-setting heat, the water of the Gulf of Mexico began to boil. She consumed the available fuel, sending giant clouds skyward to the edge of space. As her eye formed, her power increased. Like a hungry beast, she consumed the warmth of the Gulf and drove it skyward, increasing her appetite even more. Soon, she became one of the most feared forces of nature . . . Hurricane.

Growing stronger each hour and with nothing to guide her, she wandered aimlessly in the central Gulf. Unaware of her existence, the coastline to the north lay sleeping like an innocent child. Her winds screamed louder and louder with each passing minute as she moved northward her banshee cries resonating across the Gulf and into the dark void of outer space above.

A lifetime of communing with the sea told him that she would not turn away, and soon it would be too late


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